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Why? Because when I tried to order the tickets, I went to the Madison Square Garden website to purchase wwe tickets for me and my son, not knowing that the tickets that were available were coming from a different company, I purchased tow two tickets thinking all the whole time I bought from the Madison square garden website like I did before, the day arrived and I went to Madison square garden and they did not see any results that I have purchase the tickets, I went over and over how I went on their site and purchased the tickets, gave them my credit card and still no proof of purchase, my son moaned and cried and we made phone calls from other peoples phone trying to help us to the point where the place went from crowded to no one me and son were there alone in Madison square garden upset, the look on my sons face made me feel so bad and I felt horrible, we both felt horrible, confused, upset my son even ran away from me, I had to run after him and find him in the train station crying. I am still very very upset to this day. I finally found out that the company who interfered wth my purchase of the tickets were Select a ticket, I never even heard you guys before, when I called the place was closed and it was a done deal we were not attending the event. The day was the worse day I ever had in my life. As I called and tried to explain what happened and get a refund to give to my son so he could spend the money on the next event, coming up the person refused to refund, til this day I never even saw the tickets or proof that I even bought from you except my credit card company shows Select a ticket took $87.00 dollars off my credit card. This happened in March 2014, I forgot what day but it was three months ago. I would like the CEO of the company to take a look at this compliant and refund my money before I go to small claims court. You better believe I will win. There ois no exaggeration in my story. Actually it is pretty sad. I thought my son was going to jump off the train tracks. Never received tickets, til this day, never saw proof I bought tickets, except my credit card company showing I bought them, never received them from the company the day of the event because of confusion. You, your company intercepted on the site causing confusion on my behalf and resulting anger, confusion, disappointment, and a possible tragedy on my behalf. My son constantly called my a loser the entirely ride home, resulting in more pain and disappointment. I am requesting my money back/refund ASAP! I will be in small claims court to tell my story, call back number is 3474825200, speak to Lisa Nelson-Rivera. If no response by one week see you court.


Lisa Nelson-Rivera

Monetary Loss: $87.

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